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Depressed Outcast


31 Jan, 2017 11:52 PM
I walk down the hallway 
with music blasting in my ears 
but i can’t help but notice 
the voices all around me 
“Why does she do that to herself?” 
“Eek! She’s got tacks in her ears!” 
“Is that a safety pin in her mouth?” 
“Doesn’t that hurt?” 
“She’s weird!” 
“She’s a creep!” 
“A freak!” 
“It’s tearing her apart!”
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Tags: Self Harm, Selfharm, Depression, Death, Dark, Alone, Pain, Outcast, Sad, Sadness
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The Silent Sea

Lance Barnwell

19 Aug, 2016 01:36 PM
So I slip beneath the waves of the silent sea
And it's such a cold and fucking lonely place to be
I search, I reach out to the glistening surface
But my fumbling fingers can't grasp, can't get no purchase

And you look down on me, with your red eyes glaring
You're refracted black on black, with a hunchback's bearing
And I can't hear, I can't hear a fucking thing
As the jellyfish bob and the stingrays sting

Now my sweet air is leaving in desperate bubbles
Taking with them all of my toils and troubles
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Tags: Death, Dark, Alone, Pain, Devil, Purgatory
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Being Human

Stevey Taylor

19 Feb, 2016 11:51 AM
As my eyes close to the inevitable darkness that is death 
As the cold hands of the keeper begins to grip my already shaken soul 
Whispers of her voice like tiny echos in the chasms of my mind
I taste her briny tears dripping off her face as her warm body tightly caresses mine l
I lay there numb with only memories to hold on to

I am selfish even till death 
Wishing I could take her with me 
She grips me tighter as I slip through her fingers 
Then I feel her hold loosen up 
I see her heart giving way 
I am selfish even till death
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Tags: Death, Dark, Alone, Pain
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08 Jan, 2016 01:18 AM
Tick, tock around the clock
Tick, tock, around the dock

Tick, tock, in your bed
Tick tock, in your head

Tick, tock, your already dead
Tick, tock blood stained roses
Tick tock upset family's
Tick tock murder mystery

Tick tock, sleepy child
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Tags: Death, Dark, Alone, Pain
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In Darkness

Kerry Valkyrie Baldock Kelly

28 May, 2015 10:33 PM
In an impoverished cruel world she walks,
Forcing a moonshine smile that hides stifled searing tears.

Choking back she integrates with a soulless community,
Altruism is a myth and disappointment reigns supreme.

In silent moments behind closed doors she lets blood,
Beating the walls to release the pain burning inside.

Fighting the two persons struggling in her clouded mind,
Both alone even without each-other screaming to belong.
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Tags: Death, Dark, Alone, Pain, Depression
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Day Fright

Akhemus Ndipus Creepus

18 Mar, 2015 12:55 PM
I looked at the sun,
it burnt my eyes.

It was a really hard burn
I lost my sight.

Now am blind,
it feels like night.

Then I realise I'm at peace

Reversing my psychology
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Tags: Dark World, Dark Mind, Death, Dark, Alone, Pain
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Suicide Spoon

DC Martin

21 Aug, 2014 08:27 PM
Down deep does it stir, 
In my heart, in my mind,
Ripped out by the roots, 
like dead fruit off the vine,
Touches a place so dark 
a place oh so cold, 

leaving nothing left but a story untold,
What might have been, what never was, 
taking what was to become, 
this is just what it does,
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Tags: Suicide, Suicidal, Death, Depression, Dark, Alone, Pain, Sadness
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16 Jun, 2014 07:30 AM
As the darkness takes me,
enfolds me in its arms,
tears come fast,
hot and strong.

The sky is a vase,
of purest black,
the moon is obscured,
by clouds that crack.

tear drops glimmer,
as the moment starts to pass,
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Tags: Death, Depression, Dark, Alone, Pain, Darkness, Suffering
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Callum Brown

05 Apr, 2014 03:12 AM
As the light fades in nostalgic limbo,
the reflection darkens, bouncing off the window,
a thin sheet of glass protecting the soul from unwarranted torment.

The silhouette now in tears, as her mind starts the descent.
into poisonous self-hatred, all hope is gone,
the urge is too strong,
the willpower now vacant,
as she surrenders to the incubus that lives within,
it is too late to confess her deadly sin.
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Tags: Death, Dark, Alone, Pain
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The Final Cut

The Girl With The Bloody Mask

19 Mar, 2014 04:23 PM
I am lost soul 
No where to go 
Darkness all around 
Like the cuts on my skin
The blade sits before me mocking me 
i need it i want it
i long to see my skin swell and bleed
i slowly take the blade 
First cut will be my last
As i cut into my vein 
My blood drips 
i dont scream or cry
My Final Cut kills me tonight
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Tags: Death, Dark, Alone, Pain, Cutting, Blood
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