Depressed Outcast


31 Jan, 2017 11:52 PM
I walk down the hallway 
with music blasting in my ears 
but i can’t help but notice 
the voices all around me 
“Why does she do that to herself?” 
“Eek! She’s got tacks in her ears!” 
“Is that a safety pin in her mouth?” 
“Doesn’t that hurt?” 
“She’s weird!” 
“She’s a creep!” 
“A freak!” 
“It’s tearing her apart!” 

I just look down and smile 
with a knife in my heart 
I’m happy they can’t see 
the misery in my eyes 
the pain in my life 
These pins and tacks are holding me together 
not tearing me apart 
They say to share your feelings 
And that “I’m here to help you out..” 
the tears start rolling in 
as i pour my heart out 
They look at me with shock 
I thought they’d understand 
a string of hope 
in vain 

“Are you kidding me?!” they say 
“you are not depressed, others have had it worst 
you're not better than the rest!” 
depression pushes deeper 
into the drowned lakes of sadness 
There are only some who understand 
who walk the path as i do 
whose left side is imperfect 
like mine
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