Dillon (Blood Tears)

24 Aug, 2017 07:39 AM
So red so warm
This life force I adore
We bleed we cry
But God I want more
From my first I knew this was for me
Human beings were made for me
The blood
So sweet
So pure
The way it pools
The way it runs
Tastes so sweet, this angels nectar
I would live in blood
It's my addiction
Feeling, playing with it
Oh blood is my way
My dark fantasy
My fetish
My mistress
Blood is her name
I bathe in it
I taste it
I always try to find more
I cannot stop
When I close my eyes all I see is telling sweet red
I thirst for it
I need it
The most beautiful thing on earth
The best
What was your life
I'll drink it off tell floor
You whole life pools slowly away
My whole love pours on out
Your so beautiful
Your so addicting
But I need to remember
Blood get in everything
It's hard to get out
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