Dark, Death and Evil Quotes

Dark, Death and Evil are three of the most recurrent elements of Darkness. Everyone in their life at some point has thought about these three subjects. Many great people have said a lot of things on these three subjects. These three entities are part of our life. The more we know about these, the better we will be able to deal with these. That's why here we have collected some of the famous quotes of few brilliant human. If you think you yourself have something to say about this. Please use this Submit Your Quotes link to submit your quotes. We will post these quotes on our website after we review them.

Death Quotes

If anything is true after you are born, it is that one day you have to die. And yet this is toughest truth to deal in this life. The fear of death might paralyze many people. But Shakespeare once said that "Cowards die many times before their deaths. The valiant never taste of death but once". So what matters most is to live our life to its fullest. So if and when Death comes, we are ready for it.
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Evil Quotes

Everyone has an evil side. Without these evil sides we can't be human. However the magnitude of this may vary from person to person. But what matters most is whether we act on it or not. We need to have control over this to be a better human. And control can only come after we learn what it is.
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We all need to look into the dark side of our nature..
that is where the passion is..the energy..
It is part of who we are...do not fear it ..embrace it
become whole....
we are both darkness and light.....

- Don

Darkness is like a mother figure. She shelters me from prying eyes. She allows me to heal my wounds and would never tell a soul about the times I scrapped my knees only to get me back on my seat peddling again.

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If you drag your feet, you're in defeat

- Zane Murray
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The human population is a disease, the cure is serial killers.


Evil and Death are the hounds with which I hunt the blood of truth...

- Batz
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God made man in his image. Flawed and imperfect. Then, man made God in his image.


I taken quite a few blows in my life. The worst was when I realised I was a prey that became a predator and my nightmares were just instruction manuals.

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"Born in Lust, Turn to Dust,
Born in Sin, Come on In."
(Storm on the Century)

- Andre Linoge
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Let me assure you of one thing...
Your anguished cries will be nothing but a testament to my unrivaled power.

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I see the world getting darker every time I see the light of faith slowly fading away letting the corruption grow.

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