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Funny how heat brings the crazy out in people, guess we'll all feel right at home in hell


Had I known I was dead already I would have mourned my loss of life.

- Josh Silver, Type O Negative
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"Do you know what the greatest and worst invention that humans ever made was? Television. Television pollutes the mind of those who watch, those who lose themselves in a dream world, afraid of reality. Humans will always seek to escape reality, this gloomy, dark world. So, they immerse themselves in a great, big image formed by little dots of insignificant light. In it's own self, television has become a new religion."

- Londes
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"Why try to find true love in a mist contaminated with impurity and desolation. In the end love is a vague dream to chase, you'll come to find your heart cut with thorns bleeding out waiting to die. In the age of unfaithfulness and desires ruling the hearts of many, realization will dig deep within your stapled eyes and open them to reality."


"What I realized is, that most people are willing to sacrifice their morality just to divorce from reality."


"The darker picture is always the correct one. When you read the history of the world you are reading a saga of bloodshed and greed and folly the import of which is impossible to ignore. And yet we imagine that the future will somehow be different."

- White
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""What sick ridiculous puppets we are and what gross little stage we dance on. What fun we have dancing and fucking.  Not a care in the world."

- John Doe
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Once, the time will come, time when we will be able to throw away our masks...


I'm not the one who is weird,They are just the ones who don't understand and because they don't understand they are allowed to live in happiness


If you think about it, darkness will always prevail over light in the end. The reason is simple, think of it as a light bulb in a dark room. As soon as that light bulb breaks or is unplugged, the darkness takes over. This is because light needs a source of power, unlike darkness. Darkness's lack of need of a source makes it unstoppable and thus, it makes Darkness more powerful than light.