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You say light will triumph over darkness? That actually made me laugh...

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Without Light there couldn't be darkness.

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only the dark can truely withstand it's self, light can create a temporary hole but eventually even the brightest bulb will flicker out and dark will once again creep in

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I come from dusk, you are dawns light. You bask in the sun while I thrive at night.

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Every step you take towards the light, casts a bigger shadow behind you, but be weary, when you get to close to the light, it shall burn you.


Yin and Yang, Hot and Cold, the Heads and Tails of a coin. Everything has an opposite, it's a plain as "Day and Night" so why must the majority of people delude themselves and others into thinking the hold only Light?

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Death is the only dream unthreatened by the morning light 

- Unknown
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Why are we afraid of the dark? Darkness is natural but light needs energy. If the sun was not made of fire, we'd be in total darkness.


If one is born in the light
another's born in the night

Darkness seeps in throughout the heart
Whereas Light can tear one's dark soul apart

But without one another they cannot exist
Without Light shadow is just a myth.

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