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Its my job to cause you pain, to show you life aint so fun and rosy all the time. don't you get it? I'm not the enemy is.

Tags: Life, Pain

They say don't wound what you can't kill, well..where's the fun in just killing you?..I love to wound and wound and wound,and just when you feel am gonna kill you..I'll wound you again,.and then I'll kill you.


Pain is the only absolute truth of this world

- Corvus
Submitted By: Corvus Tags: Pain, Dark

Like fire upon blood,
woe is dim-lit,
creeping over the horizon
of our turbulent sleep.

Tags: Pain, Unknown, Sad, Dark

The death of the soul is more painful than that of the body.

Tags: Broken, Soul, Pain, Death

Me, myself and I
The only thing I do is cry
I’m the only one that care
So others should beware
And that they should prepare
For the worst of murder and lies
And that you should say your goodbyes


You know you’re close to the end when you can no longer find peace within the darkness.


One must know the importance of wearing masks. They not only hide our true motives from others, but they also hide the monster we've become from ourselves.


As dark as it may be, that's the trick!
Tame that which tortures you and weave a hauntingly beautiful work of art out of it for others to see and praise you upon. Manifest the tears you cry, the scars under your sleeve, and the demons inside your head into your own design. Make them work for you!

Tags: Pain, Control

Sometimes the memories are worth the pain.

- Unknown
Submitted By: Violet Tags: Pain, Life, Memories