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Sometimes right when i see that face, i want to die

Tags: Lost, Love, Hurt, Die, Suicide

They say don't wound what you can't kill, well..where's the fun in just killing you?..I love to wound and wound and wound,and just when you feel am gonna kill you..I'll wound you again,.and then I'll kill you.


My thoughts destroyed me more than blades ever could.

Tags: Blades, Hurt

Life is a living scar
in the path of healing it goes no far


Pain is only relevant if it still hurts

- Ed Sheeran
Submitted By: Sammie Brown Tags: Hurt, Pain

Every time I close my eyes, it's like a dark paradise.


It doesn't matter where we're from. What we've been through, what we've done.
It's the choices we make that make us who we are.
We can choose to let ourselves fall into darkness.
Or we can choose to make ourselves better.

- Daquay T. Atcherson
Submitted By: DAQUAY ATCHERSON Tags: Hurt, Darkness, Life, Choice

I have been bent , burned, and thrown to the ground but now I'm in a better shape.

Tags: Life, Hate, Hurt