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all i come home to is darkness and lonelyness, what comes next i may not know, but if my saness is gone the i will write myself to death.


....I'm still not out of this daze...caught in this world seeing through the haze...lost in the thought of your touch once matted broken heart so sore....with the pain...of all the shame...I'm still not out of this daze...


I Had Meant To Go To Bed
But Somehow Fell Into The Sea
The Waves Cradled Me In And Rocked Me Gently To Sleep.

Tags: Death, Alone, Sadness

"If I'm alone I can not hate."


Some days I feel everything at once, other days I feel nothing at all.


Reflection a reckless recognition. Who do I see, no one I thought I would be. I am mine , I am me . The black hearted, tormented, condescending one. The person they once knew is just a walking corpse among them.


I live, I breath , I am alive. But do I feel ...? Remorse nor symphony.
When one falls why cry , you can't bring the dead back to life.

Tags: Death, Life, Alone, Gothic

I envy people that know love. That have someone who takes them as they are.

Tags: Love, Envy, Alone, Lonely, Lost

Why was I born, if just to live in misery

Tags: Emo, Alone, Dark Mind

I'm not an emo.....
I just don't care.......