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The act of taking from others is tantamount of evil. From the moment we are born, we are nothing but parasites. Life is nothing more than a succession of sins. Life is evil itself. I am concious that I'm evil. The same applies to all of you.

Tags: Evil, Sin, Life, Dark

she dances and sings in the light, she lurks in the shadows and she always gets her way.

Tags: Shadow, Dark

Drop ink on the finest snow-white paper and it will inevitably absorb into black. Its purity demands it. Tainted men have immunities. Black does not absorb black...

Tags: Evil, Dark, Darkness, Truth

"Don't judge me cause I'm quiet

No one plans a murder out loud"

Tags: Dark, Creepy, Murderer

we are slytherin saints, sons of venom, serpents of night.

- master of the shadows
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She knew exactly who she was dancing with, she choose to see both sides of the same man.

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Darkness is like a mother figure. She shelters me from prying eyes. She allows me to heal my wounds and would never tell a soul about the times I scrapped my knees only to get me back on my seat peddling again.

Tags: Dark, Darkness

God made man in his image. Flawed and imperfect. Then, man made God in his image.


I taken quite a few blows in my life. The worst was when I realised I was a prey that became a predator and my nightmares were just instruction manuals.

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No matter how hard you may try, you will never be free on darkness. Why do you think it was created in the first place?

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