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Everyday it's still the same dull knife. Stab it through and justify your pride.

- Black Veil Brides
Submitted By: Nyx Samara Tags: Pain, Emo, Death, Depressing

What you see in me is what you don't see... And what you don't is what I am.


People fake happiness, its not a real emotion. If it was a real emotion then everyone would have a reason to be but they don't. They are down rodden by the ways of the world and lie helpless in the end.


Depression is the worst thing that can embrace you, You keep falling into this dark never ending pain. It hurts to trip and fall but all you need to do is stand up on your feet.

Thats what matters.


Life's a dump and then you die. So fuck the world lets get high.


Remember that the most beautiful things in the world are the most useless.

- John Ruskin
Submitted By: Violet Tags: Beautiful, Useless, Dark Mind, Emo

Death cant find me,
..Cause I am nameless.....

- Hales Carter
Submitted By: Hales Hodgkins Tags: Death, Emo, Dark Thought

Why was I born, if just to live in misery

Tags: Emo, Alone, Dark Mind

the pain from the abuse never went away, I just embraced it to become what I am today.


I'm not an emo.....
I just don't care.......