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Having depression is like having a abusive relationship with yourself

- Emily Dotterer
Submitted By: rayvn jade Tags: Abuse, Depression, Hate, Broken, Hurting

In this world exists, fear, death, evil, and me......

- Jack babick
Submitted By: John Babick Tags: Hate, Fear, Death, Evil

Even if your on the right track you will let ran over if you just sit there,when i heard somebody say life is hard",i am always tempted to ask"compared to what"there is always plentiful to go. They need enough hate to actually survive in this world..

- lorena
Submitted By: Lorena Tags: Tears, Scary, Memory, Hate, Horror

Your job as a human is to eat, breed and sleep, other than that its pretty much optional when u have an open mind and look at things in general.

Tags: Hate

I could say I love all of you and would rather you never leave....but that would be a lie, see for most of you, I'm learning how to live with your existence but grabbing the chainsaw seems like a MUCH.....easier option....

Tags: Love, Hate, People

There are two kinds of people in this world.
Those that I hate and those that I hate more.

Tags: People, Hate

I hate the idea that good always wins, evil tries so hard....I mean what kind of message does it send when the ones who do all the hard work are called the bad ones? sure their cause is often less than just but normally it's the good guys fault they exist in their current state anyway.

Tags: Evil, Hate

This world needs a fresh start. But the only reboot system available is suicide.

- Chad M. Lagiza

"It's better to be hated for who you are than loved for someone you're not."

Tags: Truth, Hate, Dark Mind

"If I'm alone I can not hate."