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Iam genius by birth but evil by choice

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The act of taking from others is tantamount of evil. From the moment we are born, we are nothing but parasites. Life is nothing more than a succession of sins. Life is evil itself. I am concious that I'm evil. The same applies to all of you.

Tags: Evil, Sin, Life, Dark

It's not a nice job I know and it doesn't make me a good person. It makes me a monster, I will not try to deny this but sometimes to get things done you must make use of harsher methods, if none of you will do so, then I must. Though please try to give me a better solution, if you can then that's what we shall do....if not....stay out of my way. Sometimes what you need is a monster

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Drop ink on the finest snow-white paper and it will inevitably absorb into black. Its purity demands it. Tainted men have immunities. Black does not absorb black...

Tags: Evil, Dark, Darkness, Truth

we are slytherin saints, sons of venom, serpents of night.

- master of the shadows
Submitted By: MasterOfShadows Tags: Dark, Darkness, Evil, Shadow

In order for there to be light...Must be darkness.

- The Hex Witch
Submitted By: Bruja Bloque Tags: Evil

Evil and Death are the hounds with which I hunt the blood of truth...

- Batz
Submitted By: Batz Tags: Evil

I taken quite a few blows in my life. The worst was when I realised I was a prey that became a predator and my nightmares were just instruction manuals.

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Let me assure you of one thing...
Your anguished cries will be nothing but a testament to my unrivaled power.

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In this world exists, fear, death, evil, and me......

- Jack babick
Submitted By: John Babick Tags: Hate, Fear, Death, Evil