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When I sleep, I'm not sad,
I'm not angry, I'm not lonely,
Nothing to this world or to you.

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I’m converted a ball of nothing life is the thing that kills u death is ur reward

- anynomys(me)
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"The darkness hides within, you shouldn't be it's mirror, it's perfect reflection of light to fool you to give in."


Each morning I wake up in hopes of dying before the day ends.


All good things must come to an end
While all bad things are here to stay


an untimely death is so much better than to live an unwanted life

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Depression is the worst thing that can embrace you, You keep falling into this dark never ending pain. It hurts to trip and fall but all you need to do is stand up on your feet.

Thats what matters.


Life's a dump and then you die. So fuck the world lets get high.


There are those who are afraid of the dark, not just because its dark, but because of whats inside the darkness.


I jumped into the darkest, deepest pit and indulged in the false belief that you would catch me.