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Name: Julia L.
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About Me: Hi. My name is Julia. 26yrs old,I've been writing dark poetry since 18.. My poems don't give the sence of happiness because so much of the world is dark that lives in my reality or imagination. My soul screams darkness and the words just simply rise. Hope you enjoy my poetry. Also its nice to know others write poems like me, didn't realize there was a place online where I could vent. Which is awesome!
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I enjoyed reading your poem! beautifully written
wow loved the phone. in a sence this poem hit very close to home, felt as if i was writing it before me. simply wow..beautiful words. crazy as it is.. my name is also Julia. this poem brought tears to my eyes. unfortuantly I did do self harm. more then anyone should to their body. but anyway just had to comment.


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Quote: "The darkness hides within, you sho...