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In this world there are many people who are scared of darkness, they are frightened by it. But we also see people who are not frightened by it, very far away from being frightened; they in fact are fascinated by it. Well, maybe they do feel scared but they also love this feeling, they love everything about darkness and how it gives them very natural and yet most shocking and eerie experienced. I myself am a proud 'Lover of Darkness' and if you are like me you have come to the right website. This website acts as a portal for the world of Darkness. In here you will find everything related to darkness. Some of the best elements we have for darkness are dark scary songs and music, dark scary pictures and images, dark ghost and scary movies, dark horror and scary stories etc. Feel free to submit your suggestion if you want us to provide a better experience.

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One by one they'll all go down...
"only the darkness is the true light, it shows what the world is really like"
- brandon davis
"even a psychopath understands how fucked up god is"
- brandon davis
"Things of tomorrow's past, will effect yesterday's future."
and then I saw her, Hair black as a raven, deep red lips with Silvery eyes and snow white skin...beauty as fair as they come.

I almost didn't notice the pool of blood behind her
Killing yourself is a pointless. Find something worth dying for. Make anyone who has ever crossed you suffer. Don't give them the satisfaction of you giving in
Shit happens and it changes you. There's good and bad. Lucky me, I got the bad...
- Unknown
death is an art form. Many people are content with going in their sleep but they're wrong, such a waste. If you're going to go anyway, make it Flashy. Your life is a performance and death is your Swan Song.
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