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In this world there are many people who are scared of darkness, they are frightened by it. But we also see people who are not frightened by it, very far away from being frightened; they in fact are fascinated by it. Well, maybe they do feel scared but they also love this feeling, they love everything about darkness and how it gives them very natural and yet most shocking and eerie experienced. I myself am a proud 'Lover of Darkness' and if you are like me you have come to the right website. This website acts as a portal for the world of Darkness. In here you will find everything related to darkness. Some of the best elements we have for darkness are dark scary songs and music, dark scary pictures and images, dark ghost and scary movies, dark horror and scary stories etc. Feel free to submit your suggestion if you want us to provide a better experience.

Latest Quotes

Darkness is like a mother figure. She shelters me from prying eyes. She allows me to heal my wounds and would never tell a soul about the times I scrapped my knees only to get me back on my seat peddling again.
If you drag your feet, you're in defeat
- Zane Murray
The human population is a disease, the cure is serial killers.
Evil and Death are the hounds with which I hunt the blood of truth...
- Batz
God made man in his image. Flawed and imperfect. Then, man made God in his image.
I taken quite a few blows in my life. The worst was when I realised I was a prey that became a predator and my nightmares were just instruction manuals.
"Born in Lust, Turn to Dust,
Born in Sin, Come on In."
(Storm on the Century)
- Andre Linoge
Let me assure you of one thing...
Your anguished cries will be nothing but a testament to my unrivaled power.
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