12 Apr, 2017 02:52 PM

The dream was too vivid to even know it was a dream. The setting took place at a garden party where the food and people were satisfying. Two gentlemen, Jasper and Frank, nestled among a group of wealthy citizens. Till all of a sudden a rumour began to spread across the room. Jessabelle was invited to the party. Jessabelle was on her way. Due to the stories Jasper heard about her, he wasn’t quite fond of meeting her. A hush came among the people as he shifted his eyes to see a young tall gorgeous woman standing in the doorway. She was greeting the host and walked around the room. She looked normal to him, and it was hard to believe that she was different. Jasper and Frank became frightened as she walked towards them. As impulsive as Frank was, he panicked, then grabbed a glass of holy water and splashed it all over Jessabelle. For a moment she screamed in pain then then her eyes locked. She glared at Frank and Jasper with a malicious glint. Frank woke up trembling and levitating. Jasper opened the door as soon as Frank collapsed on the bed. “Don’t tell me you also had the dream?” Jasper asked. Frank nodded slowly and afraid. “Jessabelle,” they all said simultaneously.

The villainous woman was constantly in their minds so they decided to hang out by the creek. Little did they know that the creek was where Jessabelle died. They talked and laughed, as Jessabelle continued to fade from their minds. Thinking that the atmosphere was all safe and sound, Jessabelle was actually present. Frank squeaked at what he saw. A familiar figure with the same malicious glint stood before him. Jasper’s heart nearly jumped out of his chest. Jessabelle was here, and she didn’t look quite happy. Jesabelle’s figure passed by Frank, burning him as if she was acidic. “Painful isn’t it,” she smirked “just like your bloody water.” Frank died and fell down giving her just one more victim to play with. No matter how hard Jasper wanted to move, he couldn’t. He was glued to the spot and Jessabelle slashed Jasper’s tender skin with her nails. After licking his blood of her hands, she began to flay Jasper giving him a death he couldn’t imagine.

On Sunday morning, the streets of London were buzzing with news about the death of Frank Pemberton and Jasper Herrington. Their decapitated heads were found by the creek along with pieces of skin. The news reporter interviewed a woman called Jessabelle who saw their heads by the creek. “It was just awful,” she cried. Jessabelle was comforted by the news reporter but whispered in his ear “I’ll see you in your dreams.”

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Mike lyle says:
13 Aug, 2017 04:42 AM

If you plan on being a writer, you should really think about taking stone classes on grammar and usage. This story was a bit hard to follow.

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Michael Lyle says:
13 Aug, 2017 04:43 AM

Some classes, not "stone" classes.

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Wolf hunter says:
25 Feb, 2018 02:03 PM

Wow ???? so she can tern soled and choose a person to kill.

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