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12 Apr, 2017 02:52 PM

The dream was too vivid to even know it was a dream. The setting took place at a garden party where the food and people were satisfying. Two gentlemen, Jasper and Frank, nestled among a group of wealthy citizens. Till all of a sudden a rumour began to spread across the room. Jessabelle was invited to the party. Jessabelle was on her way. Due to the stories Jasper heard about her, he wasn’t quite fond of meeting her. A hush came among the people as he shifted his eyes to see a young tall gorgeous woman standing in the doorway. She was greeting the host and walked around the room. She looked normal to him, and it was hard to believe that she was different. Jasper and Frank became frightened as she walked towards them. As impulsive as Frank was, he panicked, then grabbed a glass of holy water and... [Read More]

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13 Nov, 2013 02:48 PM

Whilst reading the obituaries in the local newspaper, I came across the name of an old acquaintance of mine whom I hadn't seen in a number of years. In our youth, we were the best of friends. We went through school and on to college together and were almost inseperable. That was, until a miss Helena Watt entered our lives with a certain air of confident beauty that swept both of us off of our feet. We were both besotted. She knew this and she played on it to the extent that it broke up our friendship and we lost touch. The notice said nothing of the cause of death, only that it had been sudden and that he'd be sadly missed by all who knew him. This saddened me greatly as, reading the obituary notice, many fond memories of our youthful frolics came rushing back in a flood of... [Read More]

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Unfinished: The Howling Flame.

Pride Ed

12 Jun, 2014 10:12 PM

"Nothing but weeds, of course!" I laughed. But then again, maybe I was tempting fate for not coming during the day. After all, coyotes are most certainty proven to be real. But so far it was just me up there. All alone! The only sounds I could hear were the crinkling of dried grass under my leather dress shoes and the now almost incessant sound of me tapping my flashlight in an effort to keep it on. "Should have gotten the name brand batteries," I muttered to myself as I kept walking. By the time I felt myself to be in the middle of the field, distant lights appeared and twinkled like stars on the blackened landscape. The lights looked like they could have been from either candles or lighters. Before the lights appeared, the only other light source was a small slit of the full moon just now coming... [Read More]

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Sarah's Diary


11 Aug, 2013 01:48 PM

May 22,2008 Dear Diary, I think it's odd for a 16 year old to have a diary, it's kind of childish to me. But my parents bought it for me to keep track of what I'm doing. By the way, I'm Sarah. I moved to Montana from New York. But I don't like it here. I don't think the kids like me either. They bully me and call me rude names. It's almost Summer though. School will be out and I get to visit my old friends. I miss them a lot. Anyway,it's late, I should get to bed. May 24,2008 Dear diary, The kids at my school keep calling me fat, ugly, and that I should have never came here. I'm starting to believe them. My parents keep saying that it's not true, and that I should ignore them. But it's easier said then done,you know? Anyway I should... [Read More]

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Weird Sound

Bony Yousuf

10 Jun, 2012 06:00 PM

There’s that sound again. Its been bothering me for sometimes now. Why is it happening? What’s the cause behind it? And why does it only happen when I am in my bed and almost at the verge of sleeping. I got up not before an hour ago. Searched the whole room that is besides my bedroom, but no, I did not find anything that could cause the sound. And the sound it self is very weird, Its almost like the sound of a cracking on the wood, but then again something is so assuring in the sound that it makes you sure that its not. I thought it might be the bed that’s causing this weird sound or should I just say noise. But the bed in the other room is quite steady so there’s no point to think that it would cause that noise. Okay that’s it. I can’t... [Read More]

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The Well

Devils Dad

19 May, 2012 10:38 AM

I know this true story from my friend in the neighbors, Anna who faced this horrific incident along with her parents. Anna was seven years old when her father Mr. Alan got a promotion and they had to re-locate to this small town was known for its beautiful scenery. The company gave Mr. Alan a new house by the lake in a quiet area off road. There was one strange thing; the house had a well in the backyard which they thought was justified as the house was a bit old but why would you need a well when you had the lake? It made no sense. They were all excited about the new place and their new house and Mr. Alan about his new post. It had been a week after they had shifted and settled down when Anna heard some voices calling her name. The location of their... [Read More]

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