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Weird Sound

Bony Yousuf

10 Jun, 2012 06:00 PM

There’s that sound again. Its been bothering me for sometimes now. Why is it happening? What’s the cause behind it? And why does it only happen when I am in my bed and almost at the verge of sleeping. I got up not before an hour ago. Searched the whole room that is besides my bedroom, but no, I did not find anything that could cause the sound. And the sound it self is very weird, Its almost like the sound of a cracking on the wood, but then again something is so assuring in the sound that it makes you sure that its not. I thought it might be the bed that’s causing this weird sound or should I just say noise. But the bed in the other room is quite steady so there’s no point to think that it would cause that noise. Okay that’s it. I can’t... [Read More]

Tags: Noise, Creepy, Animal, Creature, Ghost, Scary
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