The Well

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19 May, 2012 10:38 AM

I know this true story from my friend in the neighbors, Anna who faced this horrific incident along with her parents. Anna was seven years old when her father Mr. Alan got a promotion and they had to re-locate to this small town was known for its beautiful scenery. The company gave Mr. Alan a new house by the lake in a quiet area off road. There was one strange thing; the house had a well in the backyard which they thought was justified as the house was a bit old but why would you need a well when you had the lake? It made no sense.

They were all excited about the new place and their new house and Mr. Alan about his new post. It had been a week after they had shifted and settled down when Anna heard some voices calling her name. The location of their house was lovely but remote and they had no neighbors except for the quite lake and the thick bunch of trees surrounding all four sides of the house. Anna went out to see who was calling her but found no one; just the hustling of leaves and the sound of the lake. It became a routine and she began to hear voices regularly she mentioned it to her mother but she took no serious notice of it thinking that the kid must be having a hard time settling in the new place. One day Anna went downstairs into the basement to find out a toy from her carton which was lying there and she heard the voices again.

‘Annaaaaa’, the voice called. Anna started walking in the direction of the voice until she found a hidden trap in one corner. Curious, she opened it and found that it led to an old dungeon. The dungeon had all sorts of sharp tools like butcher knives, chain saws, chopper and, drill machine and similar stuff. The dungeon smelt bad which was unbearable and Anna felt suffocated and started coughing; she came back running. As she stepped out of the basement she heard her father calling her and he had bought her a new tricycle so she could cycle around. In her excitement for the new toy, Anna completely forgot to tell her parents about the dungeon.

This old house had a horrible story to itself; the owner of the house was an English man who used to hate Black people. His hatred for the blacks went to such an extreme that he became cannibal and started bringing black people to his house and torture them to death. He would cut their body parts piece by piece until they screamed and died; he used to love the screams as they grew louder. The evil spirit of the white guy was captured in the house because he was himself killed mysteriously and this man would kill anyone who would come to live in his house. The very next day of Anna’s visit to the dungeon she got possessed by the evil spirit of the white guy. She climbed outside her upstairs window while Mr. Alan was leaving for office, he saw her doing that and went to the roof so as to rescue her; she almost got herself killed and had no clue of what she was doing. A week later Anna called Mrs. Alan outside to help her saying that she thinks a cat is trapped in the well. As her mother looks down; Anna almost pushed her into the well but at the very moment Mr. Alan pulled in the driveway.

Both parents got worried and decided not to leave Anna alone and they eventually found the dungeon as Anna began spending more time in the basement. They tried to dig out information about the house on the internet and there it was; the house was known as ‘the house that was used to torture and kill black people’. After finding this horrible reality about the dark house; they decided to leave instantly. Mr. Alan spoke to his company and showed them the information from the internet. And they left the house. But that made Anna sick and she remained sick for quite some time even after returning to the city.

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Marissa says:
20 Nov, 2012 11:31 PM

this has a good plot, but who ever described it has a poor sense of imagery and explanation in text making it extremely gay.

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