Dillon (Blood Tears)

24 Aug, 2017 07:40 AM
Like a drug, so addicting 
The rush, the release, the warmth
I thought I could stop as I pleased
Oh, was I wrong
1 turned to 2 which turned to 3, 4
You cannot stop
It burns deep inside you
The most primal, most animalistic, most real
It's inside everyone, you are just too weak so see
This void inside my body that needs to be filled
Death is life
All I do is assist life by becoming death
Bathing in it
My need to kill
Our need to kill
We all feel it, but you are too scared to act
"Animals" they call us, not even human
But how can such a beautiful, natural, thing be so hated
The weak
The scared
Must be vanquished 
Only those worthy 
Worthy of the blood
The warmth, the life of one being taken by another
You cannot stop once you start
The hunger grows 
The need to bathe
The need to feast
It is true love
It is true life
The love of death and murder 
To be covered in blood
Ah, I'm joking I promise
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