I dream of the night.

The Boy With A Gas Mask

01 Apr, 2016 06:07 PM
I dream of the night,
And try to block out my fright.
I can't fight this much longer.
My craving for the blade is stronger. 
I have lost my honor.
I must be a goner.
My eyes flood with a tear.
I am afraid my time is near, my dear.
I take this knife,
To take my life.
For one last slip with one last slit will be my end,
I thank you always for being my friend.
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The Boy With A Gas Mask says:
26 Aug, 2016 05:46 PM

To whom ever may be reading this I ask you to please leave an HONEST comment even if you do not like this poem I would like your feed back still and try and improve on my poetry.

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The Girl With The Bloody Mask says:
22 Oct, 2016 01:43 AM

I Like This.

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