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Petals Off A Tree


14 Apr, 2016 08:59 PM
Watch me bleed out until there is nothing left inside of me.
A flood pours out and the blood beings to seethe.

There is no turning back, you know what you've done to me
My bleeding out, is that what sets you free?
If so, then I have a job for you-
Under the hanging tree.

They're coming for you, and they will catch you one day you'll see.
Feeding off our body, your a monster who disgusts me.
Blood slips onto the roots, boiling underneath.
Now an endless hell awaits you, as far as the eye can see.
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Tags: Suicide, Cutting, Hell, Death, Dying, Blood, Sad
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Never Good Enough


01 Apr, 2016 03:53 AM
Everyone says that if you try hard enough
You have a chance of making it,
Well these people are very lucky then
Because for me I’m just a misfit.

You try and you do your best
But don’t reach your goal,
There’s no point in trying 
So I’ll just go hide in a hole.

When you don’t make it
People give you pity,
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Tags: Depression, Suicide, Cutting
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I dream of the night.

The Boy With A Gas Mask

01 Apr, 2016 06:07 PM
I dream of the night,
And try to block out my fright.
I can't fight this much longer.
My craving for the blade is stronger. 
I have lost my honor.
I must be a goner.
My eyes flood with a tear.
I am afraid my time is near, my dear.
I take this knife,
To take my life.
For one last slip with one last slit will be my end,
I thank you always for being my friend.
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Tags: Death, Suicide, Suicide Note, Cutting
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My Future Demise

Jackie Valdivia

07 Jan, 2016 05:28 AM
It was sad
Doing something bad
Watching the blood gush out
Room spinning, body shaking
I am just filled with doubt

Pain replaces my depression
My tears pour out
I start to question
End me out now
I can still feel the inadequacy, the depression
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Tags: Suicidal, Cutting, Depression
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Drips & Slips

Zane A. Murray

05 Jan, 2016 05:11 AM
Drip drip,
Slip, slip.
Drip drip,
Slip, slip.
Drip drip,
Slip, slip.

Blood goes drip, drip,
Razor goes slip, slip,
Down the white tunnel, I make a trip, trip.

Show me your drips and slips,
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Tags: Cutting, Self Harm, Suicide, Depression
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Jaycee L. Hughes

05 Feb, 2015 08:59 PM
You put wear and tear down onto me,
I feel my heart weaken. 
Do you ever stop, 
to even take a look at yourself?
I can’t take the pain,
it’s breaking me.
Why won’t it stop,
will this be the end?

The tears slowly fall,
only on the inside.
If this was to stop,
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Tags: Suicide, Cutting, Emo
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27 Nov, 2014 06:25 PM
She once was happy
Skin pale
skin white

Buts now stained red 
From the blade to her right

The pain inside
That once 
was never felt
The tears from her eyes 
that always pour out
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Tags: Suicide, Hurt, Pain, Cutting
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11 Aug, 2014 05:21 PM
It first starts as a small cut,
Or missing one meal.
And who would notice?
But then you find yourself tumbling,

Tumbling down a rabbit hole with no way to stop,
People ask you to 'quit it' but what do they know?
It's not that easy. It's never been easy.

Suddenly death seems like the easiest solution,
But is it? Leaving one hell for another?
Then it's all about whether you have the guts.
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Tags: Suicide, Death, Life, Hell, Cutting
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That's Where I Dream

Dee Rush

10 Aug, 2014 09:39 AM
That's where I dream

The blood of my heart bleeds dark
My soul is the mark
The pain I feel is deep
Death is steep

That's where I dream

I got a bottle of pills
It gives me the thrills
I got a gun to my head
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Tags: Death, Bleed, Bleeding, Blood, Die, Cutting
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14 May, 2014 08:05 PM
Anger courses through the veins,
Stopping the love the heart gives out,
Red to black the heart freezes over,
Nothing wrong with that.

Until the day the questions are asked,
That make the mind scream and shout,
The anger has no where to go,
But maybe it can come out. 

The first breath hurts,
The second is alright,
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Tags: Anger, Life, Cutting, Blood, Heart, Free, Pain, Suffering
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