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Dark Magic

Mario Vitale

07 Jun, 2017 02:48 AM
 wand, crystal ball & hat
 you put a spell on those
 in search of blood disguised

 lines being drawn in the sand
 when will we understand
 a presence of voodoo
 have we bitten off far more then we could chew

 tarot cards 
 it's gravity brings some down
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Tags: Souls, Lost, Darkness
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Dead Empty Soul

05 Oct, 2015 01:20 PM
Speaking to an empty mirror
It said, can't you see
You are everything you want to be
But maybe you are blind
Seeing the world as upside down

Tears drop down
The crimson soon follows
This is what you want to be
But you were blind and couldn't see
What had become of your soul
So empty fragile and cold
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Tags: Mirror, Empty, Fragile, Lost
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A Lost Soul/Lie


10 Sep, 2015 05:27 AM
A Lost Soul

I'm like the living dead,
sacrificing everything I have,
craving deliverance.

I am a lost soul,
looking for somewhere to belong,
somewhere I can be loved by someone,
without being judged.

Am I going to remain a lost soul?
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Tags: Lies, Lost
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I Loved At One Time.


25 Apr, 2014 11:30 PM
I wouldn't have fallen in love if I knew the price I would have pay.
If I had known how much it'd hurt.
I had trusted you, and  you had thrown me to the ground; I wasn't worthy of you. I tried to be the best I could be for you, but it was never enough.
So yes, I did at one time love.
But never again; will I allow my heart or mind to experience the trauma you put me through.
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Tags: Dark Mind, Dark World, Dark, Lost, Lonely, Love, Heartbroken, Heart Broken, Hurt
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Nick Michael Andreassen

14 Mar, 2014 12:31 AM
i want to die, 
but you curse me to live.
for every drop of blood that hits the floor,
a tear falls from your sore eyes.
every time I close my eyes, you scream to me, ordering me to live, 
but when I open my eyes. you're gone.
so I close my eyes again, listening to your screams, one last time. before I open my eyes.

I know what awaits me when I open my eyes.
I'm back to the same empty room, 
once filled with joy and god memories.
but it's all in the past.
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Tags: Hurt, Broken, Sad, Lost, Lonely, Pain
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So cold


10 Nov, 2013 05:58 PM
The coldness surrounds me
I feel so alone
It cuts through my skin
And settles deep into my bone

It clouds my vision
And muffles all the sound
It hurts to breath
I can feel it all around 

I can't move
my mind is a wreck
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Tags: Death, Darkness, Alone, Lost, Suicide, Depression, Coldness, Cutting
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Give in to the Pain


10 Nov, 2013 06:02 PM
The empty room is flooded with moonlight 
It's already way past midnight
Your hands are shaking
As your mask is slowly breaking 

A streak of liquid silver trails down your cheek
Even if you tried you could not speak
An icy breeze caresses your skin 
But you're numb; you can't feel a thing

Give in to the pain...
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Tags: Pain, Numb, Suicide, Cutting, Blood, Self Harm, Lost, Alone, Death, Dark, Hell, Demonic
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Bailey Blake

09 Oct, 2013 07:08 PM
I may seem silent
But inside I am screaming
I may be violent
But I call it dreaming

You can think 
Whatever you want of me
But there are these problems
That you'll never begin to see

You can laugh
I won't cry
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Tags: Pain, Sad, Dark, Death, Suicide, Dark Mind, Broken, Lost
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My Demon


06 Sep, 2013 01:31 AM
Late at night I can feel the emptiness
Close my eyes for a second, and there it is 
Slowly killing me on the inside
It's everywhere; I can't hide

I'm running from something invisible
I tried to kill it but its invincible 
When its shadow claws reach out for me 
I cannot breath easily 

My silent screams 
Are worse than bad dreams
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Tags: Pain, Demon, Hurt, Alone, Lost, Darkness, Suffering, Tears
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In The Ocean Deep

Wes Dark Oakes

10 Jul, 2013 03:32 AM
On blacken days and these wicked nights.
She appears into my sight.
Haunted visions of life passed away.
Giving me back memories, of happy days.

My heart always sinks as the ocean roars.
I look at you from this, distant shore.
You’re coming back to me my dark drowned dove.
I watch the waves roll as you float slightly above.

The newly built light house shines bright.
You vanish from my longing sight.
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Tags: Lost, Love, Death, Dark, Alone, Pain, Lost Love, Suicide
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