In The Ocean Deep

Wes Dark Oakes

10 Jul, 2013 03:32 AM
On blacken days and these wicked nights.
She appears into my sight.
Haunted visions of life passed away.
Giving me back memories, of happy days.

My heart always sinks as the ocean roars.
I look at you from this, distant shore.
You’re coming back to me my dark drowned dove.
I watch the waves roll as you float slightly above.

The newly built light house shines bright.
You vanish from my longing sight. 
I cry once more cursing God, my head hung low.
You my love remain, deep under rocky waters below.

If I stay here on this Earth we will be always be apart.
I walk towards the ocean with love in my heart.
I walk head strong into the ocean deep.
Now I am underwater with you, forever to sleep.
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