So cold


10 Nov, 2013 05:58 PM
The coldness surrounds me
I feel so alone
It cuts through my skin
And settles deep into my bone

It clouds my vision
And muffles all the sound
It hurts to breath
I can feel it all around 

I can't move
my mind is a wreck
the teardrops freeze on my cheek
Icy hands are tightening around my neck

My heart froze; it can't beat anymore
nobody stay 
I took my last breath
Now I can feel myself slowly slipping away

I'm almost flying
I'm so close to dying
It's the coldness inside my soul
I'm so cold, so cold...
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Hey monday says:
11 Mar, 2014 02:24 AM

Amazing poem! You're a good writer :)

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Angel says:
14 Apr, 2014 02:01 PM

Glad you think so :)

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hopeless wreck says:
15 Aug, 2015 12:49 AM

Very intriguing and interesting to read loved reading this and I'm very picky about poetry.. .. do that is a compliment

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