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We Lied

Ms. hellspawn

19 Dec, 2015 01:55 AM
we smile at each other
and he takes my hand
and i 
young and innocent 
let him take my hand 
and everything i have 

we smile at each other 
and he takes my innocence
and i 
young and in love 
let him take everything i have
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Tags: Pain, Peace, Lies, Hopeless
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My Bed

Angel Plant

24 Oct, 2015 04:17 AM
I see red,  red,  everywhere
My bed it covers
Red blood runs through
It leaves many scars

Silently I lay there
Like ink my body fades
As I sink below
From blood my heart is poisoned

In slow motion I kiss you
As the emotion in your eyes
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Tags: Words, Bed, Action, Emotion, Lies, Body, Fades, Blood, Scars
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A Lost Soul/Lie


10 Sep, 2015 05:27 AM
A Lost Soul

I'm like the living dead,
sacrificing everything I have,
craving deliverance.

I am a lost soul,
looking for somewhere to belong,
somewhere I can be loved by someone,
without being judged.

Am I going to remain a lost soul?
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Tags: Lies, Lost
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The Impostor


05 May, 2015 05:50 PM
A smile hides my tears 
A joke masks my sadness
I've banished, locked away my pain deep in my soul's dungeon 
And I've thrown away the key
So you can never see
Me cry. 

I've tucked my melancholy beneath
A roughly designed mask decorated with
Pretend Jokes
Fake Smiles
Phony Laughter
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Tags: Lies, Happy, Fake
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Tortured Soul

Austin Jones

10 Oct, 2014 11:11 PM
I sit here
Chained and shackled 
to this pathetic life 
forced to see the horror in everything
horrible people, doing horrible things
I cannot stop it 
no matter how hard I try
my meaningless existence 
nobody cares
nobody tries
forced to conform 
nothing but lies
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Tags: Life, Lies, Torture
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The World Is Ugly

Sincerely Yours

17 Jun, 2014 11:16 PM
What is life?
Please do tell	
Is it filled with delight?
Might as well 	

I’ve herd of this thing
Curious I am	
As I step into this fiery pit
The sight was a little less pleasing I must admit

Wondering where all the happiness has gone
The man said “this way come along”
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Tags: Life, Lies, Depression, Pain, Confusion
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But To Do Or Die

Shyam Nair

27 May, 2013 02:49 PM
Religion as we know
is just another show.
Believing us to be
sinners of the highest degree.

The rabbi rambles on
as the priest laughs along.
Men and women, never can be
on the platform called equality.

Where wine thrills whilst blood spills
and the law forgives it as insanity.
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Tags: Fear, Lies, Life, Dark Thought
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