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Darkness to Cannibalism

Hayley Turner

09 Oct, 2016 12:26 AM
Blood and gore
What a score
But wait...there's more
The darkness seeks you
It wants to eat you
It wants to have you whole.

Blood and gore
What a score 
But wait...there's more
A cannibal's den
You must dine in
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Tags: Death, Murder, Pain, Psychopath, Insanity, Torture
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Hatred's breed

Isaiah Smith

19 Oct, 2015 07:49 AM
You think justice always prevails and i laugh at your false hope 
Laughing at me, taunting me slowly eradicates the innocent one within 
The one your killing dissolves into despair, the beast’s face appears 
You have destroyed your chance of all salvation as vengeance consumes me 

I am an instrument of destruction, fathered by hate, bred of pure evil 
The creature reincarnated from all of the pain within past generations  
I am the monster created by your own ignorance or so it seems 
I will pervert purity and watch your psyche break from the inside 
As your guilty conscience questions itself and betrays your morals 
Am i a figment of your imagination or are you the villain of my demise?
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Tags: Hatred, Killing, Dark Thought, Torture, Pain, Graphic
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I'm Back

Dillon (Blood Tears)

14 Apr, 2015 04:08 AM
I sat alone dreaming, 
Playing with the blade when they started talking again
Whispers of games to be played,
Screams of others joy at the thought
Voices urging me on,
To continue where I left off
After days of silence I thought they died,
So I sat and waited for the ghosts to wake
Oh, they had just slept!

They haven't been fed, loved or played with
I haven't shown them the beauty they deserve.
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Tags: Crazy, Torture, Fun, Graphic
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Tortured Soul

Austin Jones

10 Oct, 2014 11:11 PM
I sit here
Chained and shackled 
to this pathetic life 
forced to see the horror in everything
horrible people, doing horrible things
I cannot stop it 
no matter how hard I try
my meaningless existence 
nobody cares
nobody tries
forced to conform 
nothing but lies
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Tags: Life, Lies, Torture
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Black Angels

Austin Jones

07 Oct, 2014 12:51 AM
The angels that come to take me
as I slip away into darkness 
I know what is coming
how they will treat my soul
their evil eyes
their black wings
I am not afraid

we are all born to die
we are all alone in the end
This is the one truth in the world
and so they take me
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Tags: Death, Hell, Darkness, Angel, Torture
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Intense Pleasure


28 Aug, 2014 08:41 PM
Listen, have you heard something so satisfying?
Oh how I love the dripping of crimson fluid; 
To witness, it is absolutely gratifying.
How lovely to see you quiver in ecstasy,
such a beautiful sight to see.

Your tears of joy do nothing but warm my heart.
Oh, how great is your desire to be torn apart?
But I must not bore you with inadequacy,
I must continue to feed your vanity.

Shall I continue with another incision?
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Tags: Dark, Insanity, Torture, Graphic
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Fallow Me

Abaddon Torment

26 Jul, 2014 08:53 PM
Fallow Me 
unto the deep 
Come Sacrifice the damned with me
Rape the dead 
To pillage the living 

Do you even care about your own being
Ill tear you apart and
Murder thee with a serpents kiss 
Gods not a coward
He's just dead
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Tags: Hell, Torture, Murder, Demonic, DeadGod
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Shadow Skyhawk

30 Apr, 2013 10:33 PM
I wake up 
I feel hot 
My body is burning
Suddenly I am being twisted in a knot

This is excruciating
I cry out in pain
No one can hear
Over the sound of the blood rain

I am then taken
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Tags: Hell, Pain, Torture
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24 Apr, 2013 02:48 PM
I hear...
My screams and howls of agony as they resound off of these chamber walls.

I see...
The blurred glares of the lights above me, tinted red from the blood in my eyes.

I taste...
The blood that flows from my severed tongue.

I smell...
The copper of blood,
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Tags: Insanity, Blood, Death, Murder, Pain, Torture
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