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Abhishek Choubey

09 Dec, 2016 02:21 PM
One day I woke up from sleep
And you were not beside me.                             
I looked for you around the house,       
Called you name but got back none.

Could see undone dishes from the last night                                                                   
Stilettos and broken bottles still beneath the bed                                                                  
 But you were gone.                                                   
Your soothing aroma was still fresh               
Yet your absence baffled me.

Suddenly I found myself in this pit of Hell,
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Tags: Scream, Lonely, Love?
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Dark Hearts


09 Apr, 2016 07:28 AM
When the fires glow unleashes    			
Then the story has its end
It lets the pride stay in pieces
That is what they will send

Lighting death in every way 
Will let the ghosts come to life
So they burn through the day.  
Within in their hearts darkness sharp as a knife 

Lives rotting on the ground
Hanging in the air the smell of death
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Tags: Darkness, Heart, Lonely, Dark Hearts, Fire
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Raven Black

02 Jan, 2016 01:42 PM
Oh sweet cry my angel
Will drink up your tears
Let me soothe the agony
With the hands of a healer
Kiss the sharp edges of soul
To bleed open for you dear

End the misery of me
Release the pain inside me
Deep in me
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Tags: Sad, Lonely
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Detrimental Isolation

Zane A. Murray

17 Nov, 2015 05:45 PM
Stuck in a dream of laces and walls,
Wanting to come out, and see,
See the world that we are surrounded by,
Worthless cars, worthless classes to take,
Making us smarter, no it’s getting harder to see,
What will make us be without an outlet, 
Leading to the world that we wish to think of and be.

Some people are stuck, can’t breathe,
Can’t see and hear the laughter of the people that live,
A life of joy, can’t feel the vibrations of the hearts of the valiant,
Stuck in a cage of barbwire,
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Tags: Isolation, Lonely
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Kerry Valkyrie Baldock Kelly

17 Jun, 2015 01:59 PM
I shrunk a little bit more today,
My opinions mattered a little bit less,
A little bit more than yesterday,
Perhaps it's for the best!

I shrunk a little bit more today,
No one noticed the agonising pain,
A little bit more than yesterday,
I think i've gone insane!

I shrunk a little bit more today,
The people I love no longer see me,
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Tags: Sadness, Grief, Lonely, Death
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Benefit of You


24 Oct, 2014 04:22 PM
Wishes for death
They fill my brain
As you walk away
I cry in the rain

But you can’t see
The scars underneath
You can’t see the tears
As I fall into another piece

I wish you could care
That I’m hurting inside
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Tags: Depression, Lonely, Sadness, Pain, Suicidal
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Thank the God

James Newt

12 Sep, 2014 12:36 AM
As you all can plainly see
She's as happy as can be
As she jumps on the ground
And spreads smiles all around

Nothing can ruin this
Not that you wont miss
That is what you all think
When she's not at the sink

There is a secret at four
When she locks the door
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Tags: Horror, Lonely, Suicide
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I Loved At One Time.


25 Apr, 2014 11:30 PM
I wouldn't have fallen in love if I knew the price I would have pay.
If I had known how much it'd hurt.
I had trusted you, and  you had thrown me to the ground; I wasn't worthy of you. I tried to be the best I could be for you, but it was never enough.
So yes, I did at one time love.
But never again; will I allow my heart or mind to experience the trauma you put me through.
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Tags: Dark Mind, Dark World, Dark, Lost, Lonely, Love, Heartbroken, Heart Broken, Hurt
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Nick Michael Andreassen

14 Mar, 2014 12:31 AM
i want to die, 
but you curse me to live.
for every drop of blood that hits the floor,
a tear falls from your sore eyes.
every time I close my eyes, you scream to me, ordering me to live, 
but when I open my eyes. you're gone.
so I close my eyes again, listening to your screams, one last time. before I open my eyes.

I know what awaits me when I open my eyes.
I'm back to the same empty room, 
once filled with joy and god memories.
but it's all in the past.
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Tags: Hurt, Broken, Sad, Lost, Lonely, Pain
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