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In this world exists, fear, death, evil, and me......

- Jack babick
Submitted By: John Babick Tags: Hate, Fear, Death, Evil

I'm not sure if there is a demon in me, or if I've become the beast.

- Jack babick
Submitted By: John Babick Tags: Fear, Truth, Awake

Evil abound
evil absurb
fear annotated
fear venowned

- untitled
Submitted By: Acml Orozco Tags: Fear, Fire, Dark Thought, Dark World

never fear the storm, never does as much bad happen in the storm as it does when the inevitable silence hits. When it goes quiet and still, then it's time to worry. only when it's quiet does the air really open up to fear.

Tags: Fear

Where no hope is left, there is no fear.

- Unknown
Submitted By: Violet Tags: Life, Fear, Hope

People seem have a unnatural fear of the end of the world,sure it's not nice to think about but countless version of it's date exist, so much that it can never be dated right? I think what scares people most is that it keeps not happening. It's funny one day if it does happen it will be the day after people stop believing....the epitome of irony

Tags: Fear, People, Future

Most of my life I've ignored emotion, eventually I forgot how to feel, that was until she came along. I doubt she knows I exist...sometimes I forget I do myself but she stirs something, a feeling I don't understand, I love it but loath it. Every time I remind myself why I shut down she restarts my soul once more, a soul I no longer knew I had and that is the one thing that truly scares me.


People often wonder where life will take them, I believe it is to the grave.

Tags: Dark, Fear, Grave

Every time I close my eyes, it's like a dark paradise.


We all are judged by the way we look or dress coz we don't copy the rest ...
but death don't discriminate us by the way we look or dress
so stand out say fuck the rest because its whats on the inside that counts
don't let haters get you down