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all these blissfully ignorant to the bad around them "live life to the fullest people", nothing but smiles on their faces. It's enough to make you gag, I don't know how anyone can be that content with the state of existence....still, it must be nice to be full of fire while some of us are grasping at embers....


Most of my life I've ignored emotion, eventually I forgot how to feel, that was until she came along. I doubt she knows I exist...sometimes I forget I do myself but she stirs something, a feeling I don't understand, I love it but loath it. Every time I remind myself why I shut down she restarts my soul once more, a soul I no longer knew I had and that is the one thing that truly scares me.


Oft times I would find myself feeling the strange sensation that she was staring into where my soul should be...if I had one I'm sure it would melt....


"The lyrics of ones heart simply cannot be put into the words of a story"