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Love is only complete when blessed by death.

- Abhishek Choubey
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Sometimes right when i see that face, i want to die

Tags: Lost, Love, Hurt, Die, Suicide

you see that's just something you don't understand, you call me crazy or insane, that I need help but I'm not the one who NEEDS THE HELP! they are....she is! and there is no force nor reason that could stop me save for the collapse of time it's self...She could convince me to do anything and wouldn't even have to say a word.

Tags: Crazy, Insanity, Love

Darkness is inside out light, nothing to fear only to love.

Tags: Love, Darkness

Love comes in two cups, one cup can make you full, and the other can leave you empty. 


I could say I love all of you and would rather you never leave....but that would be a lie, see for most of you, I'm learning how to live with your existence but grabbing the chainsaw seems like a MUCH.....easier option....

Tags: Love, Hate, People

Most of my life I've ignored emotion, eventually I forgot how to feel, that was until she came along. I doubt she knows I exist...sometimes I forget I do myself but she stirs something, a feeling I don't understand, I love it but loath it. Every time I remind myself why I shut down she restarts my soul once more, a soul I no longer knew I had and that is the one thing that truly scares me.


once upon a time an angel and a devil fell in was a terrible decision


Oft times I would find myself feeling the strange sensation that she was staring into where my soul should be...if I had one I'm sure it would melt....


I may be burning in the light, but i know that as long as you stay with me, my existence will carry on for infinitude..