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Do not let madness overcome you. Control it and use it to survive in this insane world

- Ticci TOby
Submitted By: Buingu Namasaki Tags: Scary, Murder, Insanity

I do not suffer from the insanity I have excepted, I enjoy every second of the insanity that gives me madness, I am Trinity


you see that's just something you don't understand, you call me crazy or insane, that I need help but I'm not the one who NEEDS THE HELP! they are....she is! and there is no force nor reason that could stop me save for the collapse of time it's self...She could convince me to do anything and wouldn't even have to say a word.

Tags: Crazy, Insanity, Love

"I do not suffer from insanity... I enjoy every minute of it"

- Edgar Allen Poe
Submitted By: Eric Tags: Edgar Allan Poe, Insanity, Enjoy

You know you’re close to the end when you can no longer find peace within the darkness.


Sobriety while facing my own darkness only makes me a proxy of hate; automatic with revenge and void of any other emotion. Drunkenness lets me freely laugh with it as we joke about the insanity I lazily recount in my head. This is the only time I can truly call a monster my friend.


The fear of insanity or what we would become if we embraced it is what keeps us sane, therefore being sane is in itself insanity. All of us have madness and insanity inside us; Some deeper than others. However, no matter what the would be no light without dark. Just as there would be no dark without light.