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"It's better to be hated for who you are than loved for someone you're not."

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Light Always Needs A Source Of Energy, Darkness Does Not Need A Source Of Energy. Therefore, Darkness Will Always Beat Light. One Day When Light Dissapears The Darkness Will Prevail.


I am a lost soul searching in the depths of darkness, blind to everything and anything...
...I only see the darkness of black....


When you feel pain.. you know you are alive... your mind soars above everything... you blood rushes through your body as you are filled with adrenaline...nothing feels better than this.....


We all are judged by the way we look or dress coz we don't copy the rest ...
but death don't discriminate us by the way we look or dress
so stand out say fuck the rest because its whats on the inside that counts
don't let haters get you down


I'm not the same. I'm new...
.. The old me is gone and dead!
There's no bringing her back...
She's given up on life,
she gave up on hope.
This is the new me...

So goodbye my friend...


Be sure to pay the ferryman before stepping off the ledge.


They say beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, but beauty is only be found in death.


Life kills us. Death sets us free.


Pitied souls shall be trampled by the death tolls of hell. For life in it's certainty is all an illusion bleak from the human mind. The path you've chosen to take, never leads you into a world of happiness, but into a dark void of despair that you cannot relapse back into reality. Arrogance and foolishness only leads you too far from the path that darkens your fate into a cold abyss but keeping a silent mind will leave you in a perpetual doom.

- Dexter Wyvern