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The difference between us isn't big, it's simply that while you tamed your Demons. Mine tamed me

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I don't have inner demons...
They're too scared to come anywhere near me.

- Daemon Grim - The Reaper
Submitted By: Andy Tags: Grim, Hell, Demons

we all have demons inside of us we fall down looking for help when no one is around to hear you we let our demons take over us so we dont have to feel the pain yes we lose our self time to time

- james sosa
Submitted By: James Sosa Tags: Lost, Dark, Demons

Demons in the wall
Demons in the hall
Demons in my mind
Demons you will find

Tags: Demons, Mind

I used to have so many heroes and superheroes but they all failed me. I realized I can be my own hero, I am my own superhero. I've been fighting my own demons my entire life and most of the time I've won.


Their miseries and demons burn, a feeling that's worth fighting for.

- Andrew Dennis Biersack