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Name: Nick Vixon
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About Me: I'm me, I'm emo, very different then the people around me. There are odd things about me, in some poeple's eyes I'm a freak, a fake, someone just looking for attention. But that's not true. I have learned that over the years in my life, and what I have learned is be careful of who you trust, because some poeple who you think you can, they are just playing you, they lie, they cheat, they hurt you. So I am more careful. If you met me you wouldn't think I would be that dark inside, oh but I am. More than you can ever imagine! No one could ever completely understand me, not my family, my friends, or my boyfriend. I'm creative and I use stories, poems, songs, and pictures to express my life, and what goes on in my mind. What I feel. To be honest many poeple including myself think I would be so perfect in any horror story or movie. And its true, if you were me and went through all that I do you would think so too. But I think you will see a small bit of what I go through and what I feel from the work I post. I hope you except me.
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I just finished that book yesterday, And I swear the second I saw the name and cover I fell in love with the story and then fell deeper as I read it.


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