In my Corner

Nick Vixon

22 Jan, 2013 08:04 PM
I'm waiting here
All alone
I haven't had a place to go
Many years pass
On and on they go
Go on for oh so long
And me?
I'm just sitting here

In a corner
So dark and cold
Yet it has grown to be my home
If you saw
I swear you'd think
I'm nothing more than a sad ugly creature
Who probably has not breathed

I'm curled up alone
In this peaceful cold corner
I smell a strong sent
One of which I grew around
One of salt, metal
It is as you think

So much pain and sorrow fills my very soul
I have to let it out somehow
I love the color
Almost like paint
I decorate these walls
Works of art that tell a story
Does it hurt?
Well it did....
Now  it feels nice
It calms me
Makes me feel real

This feeling, oh this warm feeling
Is such to compare to the warm hugs from a mother
I'm in sweet solitude
You see these reasons, that I'm so far from perfect
I don't mind it
Nobady is perfect
I am beautiful
In my own ways
I see beauty like no other
I use pain as a medium
An outlet
I am proud 
Not at all ashamed

See this corner
It is my paradise
It is my safest place
It is full of the ones in my mind who I love
It is my memories
It is my perfect dream
It is home to me

You say I am self abusive
You say I am suicidal
But you don't know if that is true
If only Hell could tell you
You don't know my stories
Or deepest desires
You don't know my past
If you did I'm sure you'd never last

You say my life is torture
A nightmare
But I say
Its all I've ever known
Here you'd think I'm all alone
But here I say I have everyone I need
My family
My friends
My love
All here
All with me

You're just too blind to see
I have a heart so big and strong
I don't f**king care if you think I'm wrong
I'm in this corner
Thinking about your death
Of course I feel pity
But your personality was ever so sickly

I think of how it happened
I think of all your screams
I think of your face as I watched
All around you, caught up in flames

Did I do you death
Oh not at all
Witchcraft maybe?
Black Magic?
None of those
I could very much indeed if I wanted, wouldn't stop until you're fully beaten

But I'll just let Karma take you down just how it was written
Now I sit here in my corner
I smile a wide smile
And say 
Le Temps De La Possession! <3
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