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Zane A. Murray

30 Oct, 2015 06:02 PM
Day by day, in this pit of Hell,
I lay there, being tormented, 
Hoping someone with ring the bell,
And make the pit illuminated.

My screams go out through scars,
How can no one hear me?
I'm locked in with this depression, behind bars,
Can no one hear me?

For so long I've been screaming,
I try so hard to get you to see,
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Tags: Screams
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Slay me O' death.

Maria Imran

15 Sep, 2013 02:06 PM
Thou shall come,
And stay.

Cut my throat,
And drink my blood.
Play with my bulging eyes,
Tickle my fears

Hear my screams
Laugh at me!
And Rejoice.
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Tags: Death, Hunt, Screams, Rejoice, Slaughter, Pain
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In my Corner

Nick Vixon

22 Jan, 2013 08:04 PM
I'm waiting here
All alone
I haven't had a place to go
Many years pass
On and on they go
Go on for oh so long
And me?
I'm just sitting here

In a corner
So dark and cold
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Tags: Murder, Pain, Darkness, Blood, Art, Solitude, Possession, Screams, Death, Cutting, Cut
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