Do not let madness overcome you. Control it and use it to survive in this insane world

- Ticci TOby
Submitted By: Buingu Namasaki Tags: Scary, Murder, Insanity

my heart pumps no blood any longer for I have breathed my last breath,
now all I can do is hope I chose right when I chose death.
darkness decended as my body was consumed by chills,
the razor stung I should have used the pills.
why do I still feel so much pain have I made a fatal mistake?
by ending the very life I could emotionaly no longer take.
theres no turning back it cant be undone nobody hears my cries,
for I chose death and now must suffer with forever closed eyes.....

Tags: Suicide

All of us are sick

Tags: Disease

It's not a nice job I know and it doesn't make me a good person. It makes me a monster, I will not try to deny this but sometimes to get things done you must make use of harsher methods, if none of you will do so, then I must. Though please try to give me a better solution, if you can then that's what we shall do....if not....stay out of my way. Sometimes what you need is a monster

Tags: Evil, Monster

in those final moments as reality collapsed around us, she looked at peace, no fear or anguish she just shone with that radiant shine that she always did, dignified and accepting. In those moments I think I finally understood, we had tried and I think that's all that really mattered.

Tags: Time, Death

maybe it's just mean but I don't understand fear of death or sadness when someone dies, it happens to everyone, it's a natural part of life and personally I couldn't imagine a greater hell than immortality.


You become a changed person when you face the reaper and deny him your soul.


If he's holding a gun, chances are he's gonna run outta bullets; but if he's holding a chainsaw...RUN!

Tags: Psychopath

Its my job to cause you pain, to show you life aint so fun and rosy all the time. don't you get it? I'm not the enemy is.

Tags: Life, Pain

They say don't wound what you can't kill, well..where's the fun in just killing you?..I love to wound and wound and wound,and just when you feel am gonna kill you..I'll wound you again,.and then I'll kill you.