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in those final moments as reality collapsed around us, she looked at peace, no fear or anguish she just shone with that radiant shine that she always did, dignified and accepting. In those moments I think I finally understood, we had tried and I think that's all that really mattered.

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Time flies whilst I crawl


Tick tock goes the clock and all the years they fly.
Tick tock goes the clock as all the hours die.
Tick tock goes the clock as time passes all us fools.
Tick tock goes the clock, till silence fills these halls.

Tags: Time, Death

I know life is unfair, and we are only given one. Like you don't understand how knowing that fact makes me feel like I'm in a cage. The hard steel bars that keep me in are all the negativity I'm given, each day another bar is added to keep me trapped, each day the key to that lock that frees me melts even more.
worse of all, the name on the reads Misery

- Emm

Time is a river which sweeps me along,
but I am the river;
it is a tiger which destroys me, but I am the tiger;
it is a fire which consumes me, but I am the fire.

- Jorge Luis Borges
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You Can't Push It Underground
You Can't Stop It Screaming Out
How Did It Come To This?
Our Time Is Running Out.