Being Human

Stevey Taylor

19 Feb, 2016 11:51 AM
As my eyes close to the inevitable darkness that is death 
As the cold hands of the keeper begins to grip my already shaken soul 
Whispers of her voice like tiny echos in the chasms of my mind
I taste her briny tears dripping off her face as her warm body tightly caresses mine l
I lay there numb with only memories to hold on to

I am selfish even till death 
Wishing I could take her with me 
She grips me tighter as I slip through her fingers 
Then I feel her hold loosen up 
I see her heart giving way 
I am selfish even till death 
I silently hope that she would stay 
She walks away as I slowly watch the last tear dry up 
In my last second, an epiphany, a realisation 
Everything after death is forgotten Condemned to eternal damnation.
Tags: Death, Dark, Alone, Pain
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