Mystery In The Darkness, Who Are You?


04 Apr, 2015 08:23 AM
I see your shadow, 
But I can’t see you.
You call me to come, 
But I don’t hear your voice.

What are you trying to tell me,
What do you want me to do
My life’s turning into misery
All because of you.

I don’t even know you,
But you know all about me.
I searched for hints, but found no clue,
Just what exactly are you?

Is it you behind the nightmares 
That cause my sleepless nights?
The thoughts of always standing there
Being brave but living in fright

Why can’t you show yourself
Come out and fight me.
I know I may not be ready,
But I’m tired of this agony,
Would you please reveal your identity.

Maybe this is what you want;
My whole life to be fearful.
Please, tell me if you’re a ghost,
Or at least what they call you.

I wish you could realise
That the more anonymous you get,
The more my fears arise
And the more I’m filled with regret.

Regret of never standing up to you,
Like all my other friends do,
When your kind tries to rule
Their minds and emotions too.

Maybe when I find you
My fears will cease to exist,
All that was false will turn true
And your game will no longer persist.

I don’t know how, 
But I will find you.
My quest begins now,
I’m the hunter in blue.
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