My Soul


01 Jun, 2012 09:55 PM
I’m standing up. 
My eyes at shut. 
Darkness is around me. 
I can feel that their is some one in front of me. 
I can feel their breath on me. 
I’m afraid to open my eyes. 
I can feel their eyes looking in to my soul 
I’m afraid of what they will see. 
My darkness, my hope, my dreams, my fear, 
every thing that makes me me. 

I open my eyes and I’m looking in the mirror. 
I’m afraid of myself. 
Is life worth living if you are your own enemy. 
I fight with my self every day and I always lose. 
I come home bleeding and thinking of death. 
I cant wait till death comes 
and gets me I'll greet it with open arms. 
Till then I'll just have to hope.
Tags: Darkness, Death, Soul
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