Happy Halloween, to C.B. Hannegan's

Jack Sorenson

11 Nov, 2012 12:55 AM
Happy Halloween, to C.B. Hannegan's

By Author Jack Sorenson
The ghost in the garden, crept into, Cb’s one day
They like what they saw, and smelled from the kitchen cooking,
So they stayed for the night, on old Hollows eve

Cracks twigs, as the ghost, treads no more further
On the outside, in the cold,
Lighted, by the full moon, now encased, by fantasy lighting

They were safety hidden, inside the walls, of the restaurant tucked neatly away, hearing only faint laughter, when the last, of the customers, had left, for the night

Shuffles wind swept leaves blew up against the wooden doors and old wooden class frames
Of Cb’s, as the doors were closed, for the night
But, it’s not too fear, that’s when the ghost came out to play inside,

They danced, and dined inside, all night, till dawn came to light,

As the filtered moonlight entered thought-out the cracks,
The ghost in the garden, missed their friends lock away inside, C.B. Hannegan's
Snaps back ghost heads, and arms, as they floated to the windows,
The ramble less tapping, on the glass doors
For their ghost buddy’s to come out to play

Dream temples were created to this horrible end
Hopelessness grim at bests, appeared into the window back,

The magical words were spoken,
But, the spell was broken

By the clutch of windowless the magical
Words could not be heard,
Many hastily ghostly, thoughts came forward
From the stressed of the ghost on the out side
Ideas, was surly now blinded by coming daylight,
Now had, no escaped, The C.B. Hannegan's Iris Pub of Los Gatos the ghost

Of many days after, laughter was heard in the walls
Trickling tears came, now with many that cried
As, the ghost missed there outdoors friends

Like Moonlight dreams,
On Wet, Weeds, the tear stains
Still showed, on the wall paper them in clocked, were they the very last,

That had hid themselves, cloaked by the night
To be seen never more,
But, only heard there many cries from the outside friends,

For their dreams of being let out side one day again.
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