Evil does focus on us immortals

Jack Sorenson

23 Oct, 2012 09:55 PM
Evil does focus on us immortals
Darkness hides him as the shadows also
Why do the dead watch over us?
What is the point, faceless Evil will find us
At our weakest moments, in our life

Hints come silently by hidden voices
Creeps slowly, down our necks, like a nest
Of spider eggs, fell into our shirt colour,

Evil temps us only thou, spoken only in whispers
That you can here softly spoken, 
from Darkness' voice only called to you
From the shadows, and from the haven above
When Evil henchmen, took control of heaven gates

Tricking us, the week, onto my true path to darkness
Thinking we were headed to our final deception 
would many of us in our stern and rigid exterior
Did turn and fly away, or got caught, in that web of deceit 

many tried to only sacrum to the voices call
Those that are weakness came willingly
To week to walk into the obits alone un aided
By another only held onto the Devils hand
Missed trusted thing if was a friend

whilst my heart, my souls is feeling alive
And yet on fire,
And on fire my eyes seemly burn red
Perching into the bleakness of the dark
As soft and compassionate as the kindest of souls, 
was stifled and unable to draw any life  
from the walls of a long overworked exterior and mind,

The nudging I get when I'm alone is the calling 
death's thrust is never quenched, 
just enriched by tomorrow's horizon 

I may be picked out of the many who have fallen before 
Today pleases his grace's guidance to go unannounced
To Heaven now the week only to come falling
Back to Hell's gates,
Angles do cry; for the week souls that fly away
What fouls that must have been,

Demons have laughed out loud at this
beckoning and pleas cry throughout the night 
immortals breaking free of their chains and 
captives feel life within enriched

Provokes a fest seething lies as tears
Bleed through my eyes 
taking to open sky,

With feathered wings to fly away up high 
temptation lingers in rumors
And lies fly past never more need to worry 
seeing and feeling evil one come closer,
As I soar to the Heavens above

The test seeing both Angel with Demon together 
look to the right pair of eyes and I walk in a new horizon 
with the right one,

Who chooses me to come forward
one longing look into that Demon's eyes, 
as everything inside me knows this is so wrong,

But temptations much too strong to resist 
let’s not go deeper into the mind
Of someone who may have suffered
Before in front of Christ,

Extremely devastating hell looking to me 
for my soul to be named as his own 
everything that was said, 
was it all reality, or some type of fantasy?

Anymore seeing the Dawn rise
His grace's hand extended, 
breaking free before me
Of all immortals have fallen too far, 
be the one stand and hold their hand

In keeping them here and grounded on earth 
only can I be the divine helping hand of his grace,
Christ to fight off the Devil himself and freely fly to thee
Tags: Evil, Death, Darkness
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