The Silent Sea

Lance Barnwell

19 Aug, 2016 01:36 PM
So I slip beneath the waves of the silent sea
And it's such a cold and fucking lonely place to be
I search, I reach out to the glistening surface
But my fumbling fingers can't grasp, can't get no purchase

And you look down on me, with your red eyes glaring
You're refracted black on black, with a hunchback's bearing
And I can't hear, I can't hear a fucking thing
As the jellyfish bob and the stingrays sting

Now my sweet air is leaving in desperate bubbles
Taking with them all of my toils and troubles
And the fish are staring and are gently touching
As my skull is cracking, under pressure crushing

Can't see you now, there's only the moon/an exploding star
As I sup 'til sated on this noxious ink black tar
So I search for god as I'm beyond the reach of science
But all I hear is the usual deafening silence...

So now I'm a prisoner of the silent sea
And it's such a cold and fucking lonely place to be
There's still crushing pain, but I'm not breathing
I'm alive in brine, but I'm not leaving

You'll never stop, for you there's naught to cumber
With your eyes afire and your special number
You'll walk the dead lands of your silent see
But one day you'll return, you'll return for me
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Hayley Turner says:
08 Oct, 2016 11:30 PM

I love your poem, however, it would sound and flow a lot better without the cuss words in it.

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AnyeSlevaker says:
28 Oct, 2016 02:00 PM

I think this poem is very well written and, yes, the cuss words may have made it not flow as well but it also showed more emotion. Very well done.

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