In Darkness

Kerry Valkyrie Baldock Kelly

28 May, 2015 10:33 PM
In an impoverished cruel world she walks,
Forcing a moonshine smile that hides stifled searing tears.

Choking back she integrates with a soulless community,
Altruism is a myth and disappointment reigns supreme.

In silent moments behind closed doors she lets blood,
Beating the walls to release the pain burning inside.

Fighting the two persons struggling in her clouded mind,
Both alone even without each-other screaming to belong.

To love, to live, to be loved and escape the desolation,
Which stings more each long thunderous day.

Like a poisoned dog she prays the inexplicable pain would stop,
As times rolls on so too does her sad swim into despair,
Her cries lost in the darkness until one grim night,
The numbness sets in zombiefied the blood flows.

An endless sleep consumes!

Now stands an ironic memorial in her name,
It reads beloved wife and daughter,
Yet lays covered with rotting weeds,
Engulfed by the stale stench of neglect!
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