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Deadly Bean-site Coffee

Robin Carretti

04 Nov, 2016 01:36 PM
How she sucked every last bean 
the blackest meanest Goth. 
She froze with terror the color spilled deep Darth. 
And next to her was a big burly Football player.

Sipping her erotically boiling coffee.
He's the slayer.
Her body deadly slim he played her
 She kept to herself not wanting to speak to him.
She could have blasted his balls within.
These guys did horrible things to those girls.
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Tags: Darkness, Creepy, Sadistic, Spells, Graphic
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20 Nov, 2014 01:42 AM
I wait in the alley watching for her. 
She doesn't notice me waiting, lurking.
People see a beauty wearing white fur.
I see nothing but meat, sweet butchering

I smell the fear she gets when she hears me
pleasure and thrill engulfs the predator.
as I get closer she begins to see
She will soon be sent to her creator.

I pull my blade from my belt, fun begins.
The gap closes heart racing, she panics.
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Tags: Murder, Dark, Creepy, Jack, Ripper, Death
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crunch Goes Their Skull

Andrew Smailes

04 Apr, 2014 03:40 PM
(to the sound of pop goes the weasel)

Chase them round the town at night.
Their presence seems revolting.
Break their ankles with a hammer.
Then cave their skulls in.
Drag the body back down the road.
Avoiding other people.

If someone happens to see you though.
Then pop goes that weasel.
You may ask, what's the point?
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Tags: Insane, Creepy, Killing, Dark
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Here I am again


03 Nov, 2013 08:54 PM
Here I am again, 
Killing Time, 
Here I am again, 
Being anything but kind.

Here I am again,
Pushed away,
Here I am again,
I am watching you....

I hear the loud street,
Something I am too creepy to see,
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Tags: Mean, Shy, Creepy
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Where the Birds Come to Die

nicholas johnson

12 Feb, 2013 08:39 PM
Why is it so cold, so dark,
Where all the birds come to die?
Dusty feathers and echoing songs
lurk under a stormy sky.

The flock of flocks is lost and alone
Ending up perching here
Skeletons fall where talons once danced
Without sound, they fall like tears

Is the sky crying,
the clouds shedding rain,
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Tags: Deth, Insanity, Sad, Creepy, Dark, Night, Darkness
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To Die

Charlie Marbles

18 Nov, 2012 08:20 PM
To die
would be a mystery 
forever unknown by the books, 
the scholars, the wise, the foolish. 

they ask if I myself am afraid of death
what would it do to be afraid of the unknown?
it is indeed only human nature
afraid, haha I laugh at the weak of heart

to be afraid is to be vulnerable
susceptible to life's misery
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Tags: Death, Suicide, Kill Me, Creepy, Dark Thought, Darkness
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