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Deadly Bean-site Coffee

Robin Carretti

04 Nov, 2016 01:36 PM
How she sucked every last bean 
the blackest meanest Goth. 
She froze with terror the color spilled deep Darth. 
And next to her was a big burly Football player.

Sipping her erotically boiling coffee.
He's the slayer.
Her body deadly slim he played her
 She kept to herself not wanting to speak to him.
She could have blasted his balls within.
These guys did horrible things to those girls.
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Tags: Darkness, Creepy, Sadistic, Spells, Graphic
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The Curse of Nyx.

Pride Ed

18 Jun, 2015 07:28 PM
Amidst the blackness of a frost-covered glen,
Charon sought the help of his darkest kin:

“Beautiful Nyx, I elicit thee
For thy shadow’s baleful trickery!
A night hath worshiped thine darkling sin.
Prithee, dear Nyx... Come unto me.”

“Dearest Charon, who calls me with glee,
Why hast thou summoned me?”
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Tags: Dark, Spells, Moon, Mythology
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For Your Hateful Throne.

Pride Ed

29 Oct, 2014 02:37 PM
Held captive in hell by memories of thee,
And every deceit that has befallen me.
I’ll break these chains like damaged bone;
Fractured clean and broken free
Like a corpse flung from the throne,
Cast aside cold and alone.

With this blood from boiling vein,
Your pain I seek in echoed refrain.
I elicit the shadows in ravenous streams;
The unhinged ire of fallen dark dreams!
My abhorred soldiers shall win my new throne
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Tags: Curse, Death, Destruction, Pain, Darkness, Hell, Spells, Demons, Condemnation, Anger
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Witches Work


13 Dec, 2012 02:45 AM
Between evening shadows and day’s pre-dawn light
they work their own will throughout all of the night
casting, conjuring, whispering rhymes
with knowledge both new and from ancient of times.

On rising smoke of the incense they burn
their whispered words carry desires to churn
to bring about change with nature’s own power
in earth, moon, sun, starlight, leaf, field, and flower.

By flickering candlelight magic is wrought
with spells, stones, anthame, chalice, and knot
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Tags: Witchcraft, Dark, Dark Art, Magic, Spells
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