13 Aug, 2015 12:05 PM
I will send them down to hell, oh my oh dear that sounds so swell
Burn their houses down to the ground
Keep their heads under water to drown
Beat them with sticks to their grave
For all the pain that they gave

Their souls shall rot in hell, and I won't feel any pity oh well
Use knives to stab their hearts 
Get an ax and cut them to parts
Tie them to tracks and run them over with a train
I'll be getting them back for being inhumane 
The devil will burn them down in hell, they'll screech and whine and don't forget yell
I'll make them pay for what they did to my wife 
By killing them and taking their life

They hurt her and dumped her in a lake
They didn't even get punished for goodness sake
I will kill them send them to hell,I hope their feet burn and swell
I loved her more than ever 
And I shall be pleased never
Her love was my favorite drug
And in her arms I felt so smug
They sent my heart down to hell, and in the eternal flame it'll dwell.
Tags: Hell, Death, Love, Burn
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